Say N’ Play Summer Camp

“There’s always that one summer that changes you.”

The Say N’ Play Summer Speech Camp began to welcome families in 1999. An intense speech-language-based program led exclusively by licensed speech-language pathologists (SLPs) is our most popular and highly sought after program. Our camps also include behavior interventionists who serve as support staff to assist children who require behavior support. We offer 2 four week sessions and our staff to child ratio is 1:4, 1:2 or 1:1 depending upon each child’s unique needs, as determined by our team. 

Ideal Participant

  • 3-16 years of age
  • Speech and language delays
  • ASD
  • Other developmental delays resulting in communication deficits
  • Nonaggressive/minimal self injurious behaviors

Program Highlights

  • 1st nationwide summer camp program focused on speech and language and led by speech language pathologists
  • Weekly themes and field trips/community outings
  • Intense speech and language stimulation (6hrs/day)
  • Promotes socialization and friendship skills
  • International students travel to participate in our summer camp (Dubai, Bali, Mexico, Japan)
  • Rich staff to child ratio 1:2 or 1:4
  • Racially and linguistically diverse staff who provide services in English, Spanish, Japanese, Farsi, and Sign Language.
  • Qualified college and high school students volunteers known as “Speech Buddies” who serve as an extra pair of eyes, hands, and hugs not included in our staff to child ratio.

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