Spectrum Shield: Safety with Law Enforcement

“To Keep you Safe you need to Keep the Officer Safe”

The Los Angeles Speech and Language Therapy Center and D.O.P.E. (De-escalating Officer Patrol Encounters), offer an intense 3 day, 2 night sleepover program to train young adults with ASD how to safely interact with law enforcement.  Law enforcement officers also become familiar with the range of behaviors and characteristics associated with autism both collectively and individually. 

The overall objective of Spectrum Shield is to promote trust, greater awareness, and positive dialogue to ensure the safety of all children regardless of race, zip code, ability or disability with law enforcement.

Ideal Participant

  • 18 years +
  • Verbal
  • Moderate to high functioning
  • Demonstrating moderate independence in the community (i.e. takes public transportation independently, drives, enrolled in community or other college program, employed part/full time)

Program Highlights

  • Weekend training at a beautiful 5-acre ranch just north of Los Angeles
  • Led by Dr. Wiley and Retired LT. Stan Campbell
  • Law enforcement from various agencies assist with training

Please take a moment to look at our video to determine your interest.

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