The UPS Store Workforce Training Lab

“Welcome to the UPS Store. How can I help you?”

To help young adults with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) realize their true potential, the Los Angeles Speech & Language Therapy Center has teamed up with UPS to offer real-world job training for young people with autism. The UPS Store Workforce Training Lab will serve as a job training site, where staff will provide students with a training curriculum tailored to their learning needs. The goal is to prepare young adults for meaningful employment.


Students will learn a range of employment skills including customer service, packaging, merchandising, and printing.  The UPS Store Workforce Training Lab is the first program of its kind nationwide located in a speech clinic.

Program Details

  • Young adults must be enrolled in our Employment Readiness Workplace Social Skills Program in order to participate 
  • Services provided include printing, copying, packaging, laminating, and shredding.
  • Service are free of charge to the public
  • Interns work for the valuable job experience and tips

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