WASL, the Therapeutic Preschool

“ ll children, regardless of race, SES, or zip code, deserves access to a quality education”

Wiley Academy for Specialized Learning (WASL) preschool is a therapeutic language based preschool program for students with special needs ages 3-5. Students are exposed to a range of language based methods to facilitate growth and development in our key program areas. 

Designed for Children with:

  • Language delays 
  • Autism diagnosis and/or other Developmental delays
  • Ambulatory
  • Ability to follow simple adult directives
  • Low aggression towards others, minimal self injurious behaviors

Program Highlights

  • Lead and facilitated by licensed speech-language pathologists.
  • Rolling Enrollment
  • Small 1:3, and 1:2 staff to child ratios
  • Evidence based practices embedded throughout the course of the school day

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